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Katy Winterborn

Principal Security Consultant
NCC Group (Confirmed)

Katy Winterborn is a principal security consultant at NCC Group.  Since graduating from the University of York as a Master of Mathematics in Maths and Computer Science in 2010 Katy has had a varied career, beginning in network monitoring and incident response, before moving into penetration testing enabling a well-rounded understanding of both offensive and defensive aspects of cyber security, believing that in order to fully secure a system an understanding of both critical. In her current role within NCC Group she balances traditional penetration testing with her role as research lead of the Cheltenham office which sees her participate in both technical research as well as producing whitepapers for a wide variety of audiences.  In addition, she is one of a small number of people who deliver internal training in both X86 reverse engineering and exploit development and delivers presentations on subjects ranging from diversity to risk management as well as technical subjects. Katy has gained numerous industry qualifications including CISSP, Crest Certified Network Intrusion Analyst (CCNIA) and Crest Registered Tester (CRT).