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Seminar Presented by Steelcase Education

Leveraging Campus Spaces to Support Enhanced Student Experiences

From classrooms, to libraries, to staff and in-between areas, there are many opportunities to leverage campus spaces as strategic tools to improve the overall experience as well as to attract and retain students. Focusing on inspiring and well utilised spaces are known to enhance creativity, engagement, collaboration, well-being, and overall success. This session will feature innovative examples of:

  1. Flexible, active classrooms that support multiple pedagogies and higher student engagement
  2. Student centered libraries that support choice and control.
  3. Leadership spaces that support innovation
  4. Staff spaces that foster collaboration

Learning Points:

  • Leveraging campus spaces to impact, attract, and retain students.
  • Understanding the importance of campus spaces in student recruitment and admissions.
  • Designing the campus environment to support success & well-being for both students and staff.


Exploring innovative spaces that support enhanced experiences across the campus.


Sean Corcorran – General Manager –  Steelcase Education

Seminar Presented by XMA

Providing collaborative and secure apps for your Institution with Office 365 and Cloud App Security

In this session, we’ll be taking a look at the collaborative and communication tools in Office 365 and, how together with Trend Micro’s Cloud App Security we helped the University of Warwick transform their teaching and learning.

Learning Points:

  • Allow educators and learners to use 21st century skills to transform teaching and learning
  • Provide the tools to enable communication and collaboration from anywhere with Office 365
  • Have the confidence that your data is secure in the cloud
  • Enable your educators and learners to work from anywhere, at any time



David Wright – Education Specialist – XMA Ltd

Dan Gadd – Sales Engineer – Trend Micro

Seminar Presented by Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation

Social Impact in Modern Procurement

Procurement has a unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to local economy, helping to shape societies and develop communities. Through effective Procurement we can help reduce and eradicate some of modern societies social issues. Procurement is more than just the custodian of the financial purse, and whilst financial performance remains critical, value for money and social impact is equally important.

Learning Points;

  • Where to start when thinking about social value in Procurement
  • How to analyse your community social impact points
  • What tools to use to measure and develop your supply chains
  • Innovation in Procurement Process



Gillian Askew – Head of Procurement – YPO

Duncan Spokes – Procurement Manager – YPO/Wakefield Council

Seminar Presented by HEFCE

Student Participation and Outcomes

This seminar will cover the following areas:

  • Mobility
  • NCOP
  • Learning gain
  • National Student Survey


Sam Spencer – Analyst – HEFCE

Natasha Heaney – Analyst – HEFCE

Catherine Cameron – Senior HE Policy Adviser – HEFCE

Jenny Ann Allen – Senior HE Policy Adviser – HEFCE

Stephen McDonald – Senior Economist – HEFCE

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