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2017 Conference Agenda

October 10, 2017
October 10, 2017
  • 15:30
    Personalising the Virtual Learning Experience
    Sarah Davies, Head of Higher Education and Student Experience, Jisc (Confirmed)
    • Improving student satisfaction by embedding Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) into institutional infrastructure
    • Delivering value to the student experience through online resources such as timetables, assignment deadlines and exam times
    • Ensuring seamless, personalised access to the VLE and supporting technologies to improve campus life both in and out of the classroom
    • Presenting success stories and looking to the future of the digital university experience
  • 15:50
    Paving the Way for Student Satisfaction
    Dom Trendall, President, University of Sheffield Students' Union (Confirmed)
    • Creating an £81 million state-of-the-art study hub for an enhanced teaching and learning experience
    • Pushing an inclusion agenda to bring a sense of community to students in Sheffield and carrying out £20 million renovations on the Union premises
    • Promoting a more mindful nightlife experience, offering ‘time out’ spaces to focus on mental health and wellbeing
    • Discussing the importance of safe campus spaces for increased student welfare, with safe taxi schemes and additional CCTV
  • 15:50
    Best Practice: Enhancing Support Facilities for Increased Student Experience
    Veronica Moore, Head of Counselling and Disability Service, Loughborough University (Confirmed)
    • Effectively offering support, safety and wellbeing to enhance student experience and increase retention rates
    • Promoting diversity and inclusion within all aspects of university life
    • Putting the focus on developing resilience and coping skills, to reduce demand on one-to-one support services
    • Learn new approaches from the Times Higher Education’s leading institutions for student experience
  • 16:35
    Questions and Answers
  • 16:45
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception

    Delegates will choose from one of three dedicated content streams:

October 10, 2017
  • 15:30
    Spending Money and Adding Value through Responsible Procurement
    Kevin Casey, Head of Procurement, University of Manchester (Confirmed)
    Ian Jarvey, Deputy Head of Procurement, University of Manchester (Confirmed)
    • The University of Manchester 2020 Vision
    • Integrating procurement process into this vision: issues and opportunities
    • Our approach:
      • Flexible Framework
      • Supplier Engagement
      • Responsible Procurement
    • Where are we?
    • What next?
  • 15:50
    Simplifying the Regulatory Landscape to Increase Quality and Competition
    Will Naylor, Director of Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) (Confirmed)
    • Safeguarding the reputation of UK higher education and protecting the interests of students by streamlining regulation in the sector
    • Protecting students against negligent quality providers, preserving the student experience
    • Opening up access to the market for alternative providers to increase sector competition and widen student choice;
    • Assessing the risks and opportunities for new providers, and ensuring the quality of higher education institutions remains high
    • What do the regulatory reforms mean for your institution?
  • 16:10
    Developing Effective Transnational Education Partnerships
    Raegan Hiles, Head of Outbound Mobilities Programmes, Universities UK International (Confirmed)
    • Defining and measuring TNE: understanding motivations, common aims and available support
    • Examining strategic partnerships approaches to TNE development and management across UK universities
    • Achieving improved benefits for TNE hosts and building winning partnerships
    • Assessing challenges and opportunities for TNE post-Brexit
    • Understanding opportunities and challenges in new and emerging TNE markets
  • 16:45
    Questions and Answers
  • 16:55
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception

    Delegates will choose from one of three dedicated content streams:

October 10, 2017
  • 15:30
    How Data and Technology are Driving Teaching Excellence
    Dr Phil Richards, Chief Innovation Officer, Jisc (Confirmed)
    • Moving away from traditional learning approaches and embracing technology across the teaching community
    • Delivering a smooth blended learning experience to increase student engagement and satisfaction; mixing online tools with face-to-face learning
    • Spotting opportunities to implement flipped learning in course material – using online tools to truly enhance the quality of teacher-student contact time
    • Using data and learning analytics to provide an evidence-based approach for guiding such changes
  • 15:50
    The Future of Online Course Provision
    Tom Ward, Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Student Education, The University of Leeds (Confirmed)
    • Changing the way higher education is offered, adapting to the shift toward increasing digital and online uptake in the sector
    • Case Study: Launching a credit-bearing massive online open course (MOOC) in a drive to offer more inclusive and flexible higher education
    • Assessing methods to maintain student retention for distance learning and online courses
    • Identifying the potential for MOOCs to play a larger role in the teaching and learning experience at your institution
  • 16:10
    Creating a Personalised Learning Experience through Learning Analytics in the Classroom
    Professor Dragan Gasevic, Chair in Learning Analytics and Informatics, University of Edinburgh (Confirmed)
    • Demystifying learning analytics to improve your teaching and learning practice through data collection
    • Adapting teaching practices and making informed decisions about student learning for a better teaching experience
    • Providing personalised feedback and support actions to improve student learning strategies, enhance student experience, and advance connections with students
  • 16:35
    Questions and Answers
  • 16:45
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception

    Delegates will choose from one of three dedicated content streams:

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