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Yinbo Yu

International Students' Officer
National Union of Students (Confirmed)

Yinbo Yu is the International Students’ Officer for the National Union of Students in the UK and a board member of UK Council for International Students Affairs. He was educated at Nanjing Foreign Language School in China before going to the UK to study for a BSc in Economics at the University of East Anglia. He is currently studying for an MSc in Urban Economic Development at University College London. Before being elected as International Students’ Officer, Yinbo previously served as a sabbatical officer for two years at University of East Anglia Students' Union. In his current role he represents around half a million international students in the UK, covering the entirety of the international student experience. He has been involved in campaigning on a range of issues, including student visas and immigration, educational experience, student housing, tuition fees, xenophobia on campus, employability and internationalisation. Yinbo is a passionate advocate for international students.

  • Making internationalisation a key component of future success and breaking the barriers to international student recruitment
  • Claiming a better immigration system and government policy for an improved student experience
  • Reinforcing NUS’s efforts to keep the UK as a welcoming country and protect students after Brexit
  • Fostering a global culture and changing perceptions of studying in the UK after the changes to post-work visas
  • Addressing the main obstacles for international student recruitment including immigration healthcare surcharge and its implications on student engagement
  • Aiming for a fixed fee guarantee for all international students as a means to retain them enrolled in their programmes