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Delyth Chambers

Director, Student Recruitment, Outreach and Admissions
University of Warwick (Confirmed)

Delyth Chambers has had a long career in education including PR, a local education authority, a vocational examinations board and three universities. Delyth joined the University of Warwick as Director of Student Recruitment, Outreach and Admissions at the University of Warwick after a prolonged period of consultancy at the University to greatly improve the effectiveness of those functions. Delyth has had a long association with national initiatives and working parties, providing advice on reform of national admissions processes, and the impact of pre-higher education curriculum change. She was invited to join the Department of Children, Schools and Families as an advisor in 2006, where until 2010, she provided advice on strategic communications and stakeholder management, resulting in high awareness and the engagement of higher education in the 14-19 curriculum reforms. As spokesperson for the Russell Group universities’ admissions officers between 2002 and 2006, Delyth also gained considerable communications and media experience across all major UK networks and national press. Recent assignments have been with with institutions wishing to improve the efficiency of, and achieve greater returns from, their student recruitment and admissions policies and practices in a time of great uncertainty and change.

  • Discussing opportunities and challenges for universities after Brexit, with 17% of academic staff and 6% of professional services staff at UK universities coming from EU countries
  • Understanding the decline in EU applicants and older applicants from the UK, respectively 7% and 5% in 2017
  • Outlining policy priorities to support universities to thrive post-exit, from international student recruitment to funding and graduates career and employability
  • Securing an effective post-Brexit settlement where universities can maximise their contribution to a globally-successful UK
  • Understanding how the reformed post-Brexit immigration system will look like and what this will mean for HEIs
  • Explaining the role of universities and how they can develop innovation with UK businesses abroad by sharing an understanding of the partner countries and their markets