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  • Harnessing data to inform internal policies in order to rethink and improve student experience
  • Adopting a STEP approach to better understand the needs to different students and different stages from transition, experience and progression
  • Recognising what access, participation, and outcomes mean for all students in order to provide specialist support when necessary
  • Identifying four key risk areas that can affect mental health and creating a taskforce to help students manage with the potential challenges of university

  • Launching a centre to strategically help universities eliminate the equality gap between students within 20 years
  • Promoting equality of opportunity and different approaches to widening access and improving outcomes for disadvantaged students
  • Providing universities with the necessary evidence on how to tackle disparity and urging institutions to set themselves high targets for attracting those from underrepresented groups

  • Discussing the potential outcomes and implications of the Augar review – how the proposals may affect access, the skills gap and the quality of higher education
  • Deliberating the possibility of direct funding and other alternatives in the face of decreased fees
  • Understanding the best way to measure value for money in order to focus on funding for outcomes
  • Considering the changes in funding in relation to those from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds